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  How to Get a Free or Almost Free Flight!

It's fair to say that this lesson will probably blow your mind. I am going to share exactly how I booked a flight to Bangkok for $15.30!

So what is travel hacking?

The definition of travel hacking is. . .

The process of earning travel reward points at little or no costs to you. Utilizing these points to...

  • Travel for the least amount of money as possible
  • Experience the joys of first class travel by strategically redeeming points in exchange for upgrades and travel experiences.

Let me be transparent, the concept of ‘travel hacking’ can be many of things.

However, the method I want to discuss, is through utilizing credit card rewards. THIS is the way I was able to secure a flight to Bangkok, Thailand for $15.30.


  • If you are intimidated by credit cards, don’t have great credit, or not disciplined enough to pay cards right off - then this is not the best method for you to use.
  • Paying these cards RIGHT OFF will be at 0% interest - so pay it right off!
  • 50,000 Points, which is essentially a flight anywhere in the world!
  • The offer works in the USA only